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Publications for sale:





The First Grayson County, Kentucky County Court Record Book
July 23, 1810 to April 28, 1814
George Washington's Kentucky Land by Curtis Dewees $20.95

Historical Sketches and Family Histories of Grayson County, Kentucky Revised 2007


Grayson County Cemetery Book, Volume I (2008 Revised Edition)


Grayson County Cemetery Book, Volume II (2013 Revised Edition)


Grayson County Cemetery Book, Volume III (2006 Revised Edition)


1903 Special Edition Grayson County Gazette

1926 Grayson County Map $15.75
1937 Grayson County Map $15.75
Grayson County School Census 1899 - 1900
District 1 through 104
Movie - DVD - PATCHWORK - A History of Grayson County $10.60
Movie - DVD - My Kentucky Home - Grayson County (no tax) $20.95
Early Churches of Grayson County, KY 1802-1900 by Barry Downs $15.75

A 6% Sales Tax will be added to Kentucky Residents.
Publications can be purchased in person at the Jack Thomas House,
and can be ordered by mail or by telephone.

Please note that the GCHS is not the author of all the above works.
We do author the Cemetery books, and we try our best to check published info.
We present them for sale to keep them available and as a means to raise money.
If quoted as reference, we strongly suggest independent verification of all information.

This is all new to us; if you have problems please contacts us ASAP!

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In addition, we answer queries for information about families
and Grayson County in general.

There is a copying fee of 25 cents per page.

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