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Built with local materials and labor, the Edwards one-room school held its first classes on August 11, 1866. The school and adjoining Edwards Cemetery recently was deeded to the Grayson County Historical Society by its owner, Morton (Tom) Edwards of South Carolina. Tom is a great-grandson of the man (William Edwards) who donated the acre of land on which the school was built. Total cost of the school was $237.28, according to records kept during the construction by John Marion Patterson. Although the present building is not the original, it is similar to the one that housed 63 students from 13 families in 1867.

The annual Edwards School reunion is still held at the school, located on Edwards Cemetery Road, off Hwy 54 and west of Short Creek. Families attending the school in the early days included Pattersons, Paytons, Edwards, Gaithers, Englands, Wilkersons and Youngs. Ken Robinson, president of the Historical Society, said the Edwards School is the second one-room school in the Society’s ownership; the other is Walnut Grove School. He said the now-empty school will be preserved and annual reunions will continue.

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